Digital Signatures

Class 1, Class2, Class3, DGFT

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Technical Supports

DSC, eMail, Softwares

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IT eMail Solutions

Unique eMail for every assessee

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It is used for ROC, Income Tax Filing, VAT, Employee Provident Fund Submission

What We Offer

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Web Design

Website converts you and your Business into a digital world where the whole world is moving. We make websites from our creative minds that reach your target needs in use of HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL etc.,

Digital Signature

This is a way to ensure that an electronic document is authentic. Authentic means that you know who created the document and you know that it has not been altered in any way since that person created it. And it is used for ROC, e-TDS, IT-filing, e-Tender, etc.

Email Solution

We created a solution for email problem. You just need to fill the primary email ID column AS PER OUR FORMAT, that format automatically converts it as an email ID. Then all mails for all your clients will be delivered to only 1 eMail account.

Laptop, Computer Sales

All new Brand Laptops and Computers can be availed from us like Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Hewlet Packert., Asus, Apple, Sony. And also Printers, Gadridges, Monitors, Keyboards, Mouses, Speakers

TDS Acceptance

Acceptance of electronic and physical TDS/TCS Returns. Processing of new PAN and PAN change request applications. Processing of new TAN and TAN change request applications. Acceptance of AIR.


A menu driven , user friendly window based Software for taxation and back office management needs of Practicing Chartered Accountants, taxation consultants and business houses.


Helps  us to sell products and solutions to meet the needs of customers of all sizes.


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